Pricing & Shipping

My prices are listed on each piece of artwork in the gallery. Prices vary with each piece, depending on size. Every piece I have is available in print form. Not every piece is available in the original painting or drawing. Availability is listed in the gallery as well. Prints are always a much more affordable way to purchase. An example of pricing, the original I might price $300, the print might be $50.


Shipping is charged at cost. Please contact me for a quote if you wish to buy artwork from me. I will ship internationally. I can accept PayPal. 

I do not offer refunds. I do not accept returns.


Original artwork is supplied unframed only and will be shipped securely taped between 2 pieces of foam board. Prints are also shipped supported and flat. Usually in a rigid envelope.


Please contact me if you have any questions. There is never any obligation to buy.

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