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My Art Journey

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Here we go! My first blog on anything...why not talk about my art on my art web page? What inspires me, my wins and struggles as an artist. I'm sure this will all become easier for me with each post. This blog is also an area where I can hear from you, what topics you would like to read.

I think my first topic will be my story as an artist. I have always found joy in creating. When I was young, it was drawing, and sewing. ceramics, etc. We didn't have much money growing up and I grew tired of wearing hand me downs and Goodwill clothing. Kids can be so cruel. In high school I started sewing all my own clothes. At the time Gunny Sack dresses were all the rage. There was no way I could afford the real brand, so I made them. At least the teasing about my clothes stopped when I started making my clothes. The other teasing didn't stop, but at least my attire was off the plate. When I wasn't making clothes I realized I could draw!

I took an art class while in high school. The class was fun as a teen because the teacher was a horrible teacher. Her horrible teaching skills didn't make her mean, we just didn't learn anything in her class unless we were able to teach ourselves. We drew and painted anything we wanted while she sat at her desk reading. We had zero structure (I remember talking to my friends the whole class time and zero work), no assignments. She was nice and gave the whole class A's even if you didn't produce one drawing/painting! I think showing up was the only requirement for the A grade. I did produce some art in this free for all class, but no masterpieces. My art was okay, but never improved because we were not taught any of the basics of art that I have since learned on my own.

After high school I let my art drift out of my life. I was raised in a very strict religious home. I was a very good girl until I turned 18, then I became a nightmare to my mother, I was always testing and breaking rules that I wasn't even allowed to think about before. I soon discovered that God was not going to strike me with lightening when I started breaking the rules of my strict background. I put down my art because there were so many other shiny activities taking all my attention. I then got married and building my life with my husband pulled me away even more. It was about 25 years away from creating art! My soul won't let that happen again!

I believe I have synesthesia, and I believe that is what started me drawing again. One of the ways I experience synesthesia is when I am exercising really hard I can see colors and shapes. I had taken up road bike riding. I got really into riding. I did multiple organized rides, two of them being centuries (100 mile rides), and tons of 50-80 mile rides on my own.

Me after my first and favorite century, Reach The Beach. I think my hair even hurt after this ride!

I loved hills, I loved the way they pushed me into an exercise high. I started seeing a blue, powerful woman whenever I was trying to tackle a big hill. I saw her so much I had to draw her. That drawing ignited my love of drawing again. The sad part is I didn't see her anymore on my rides once she was put on paper. The gift she brought back to me is my joy of creating. I vow to let nothing get between me and my art again.

Well, that is a little background on me and my art..... there is more, but I want you to come back and find out more about me. ;)

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