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About Me

I am an artist, I live with my husband and fur babies in Vancouver, Wa. I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. teaching myself most of what I know about art. Now I want to share my art with the world. For me, art brings such joy with it, I want to share the joy I feel creating with you and everyone. I pour myself into every piece. I truly hope that you can feel some of the joy I felt creating.

My favorite mediums are soft pastel, charcoal, watercolor, or a mixture of all. I find it hard to label my art, I guess my style is realistic with an impressionistic twist. I want to make each piece something that makes you feel like you are right there. 

I am also available for commissioned art. Let me help make the picture you are dreaming about. Contact me to discuss further what you desire.


About My Pastel Paintings

Soft pastel paintings, if properly taken care of, should last several lifetimes. Pastel is one of the most permanent art mediums in existence. Many pastels painted over 200 years ago are still as bright and fresh as the day they were created.


The reason I like to call my work a pastel painting is because a soft pastel is pure pigment with minimal binder. They are thick sticks and I work in strokes of my pastel, a lot like a brush. I work from dark to light, like an oil painting. 


I don’t use a fixative on my pastel paintings. I find fixatives to change my colors and leave unwanted spots on my paintings. I use different types and colors of pastel paper, usually sanded paper. The texture of the paper grips the pastel nicely. The painting may shed a few particles of pigment when new. This is normal and does not damage the image. The surface will become more solid with time and the shedding stops. 

With prints of my pastel paintings, I print them on special paper for you, which gives the print texture. It becomes hard to tell a print from an original pastel painting.

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